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Nisum Increases Cross-Selling by 30% With Consolidated Catalogs

Sep 30, 2020 11:20:00 AM

Nisum consolidated the catalog platforms across all of the client’s brands and markets.


The client now has cohesion online, in-store, and on mobile, with the ability for consumers to get real-time inventory and pricing information, leading to:

annual savings

increase in peak traffic

elimination of the previous catalogs’ licensing costs


Business Challenge

A Fortune 500 multi-brand retail client lacked a seamless customer experience across in-store and online stores and was not able to provide real-time inventory and pricing, leading to:

  • Duplicated data, delayed and inaccurate inventory and pricing information due to siloed data for each market and brand

  • High licensing costs that did not allow the client to expand new brands into new markets


Nisum consolidated the catalog platforms across all of the client’s brands and markets by using HBase catalog management, which provides the flexibility needed to add custom filters on the server and row scanning capabilities based on specific criteria, resulting in:

  • No further licensing costs of the previous catalogs by removing third party applications and using HBase

  • A customized search experience for customers by integrating Solr (an open-source enterprise search platform) with HBase

  • Increased cross-sell opportunities by giving the client the ability to provide new features, such as mobile POS platform and Ship-from-Store with the consolidation of the catalogs. Years later, with store closures due to Covid-19, consolidated catalogs continues to provide a great customer experience since stores can provide real-time inventory and ship-from-store

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