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Why Coaching Has Become More Important Than Managing

Many companies are gravitating away from managing employees to coaching them. In a world that encourages employees with...

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Nisum EVP's "Three Lessons For Business Leaders Heading Into 2021" in Forbes

Nisum EVP, Sajid Mohamedy's article, "Three Lessons For Business Leaders Heading Into 2021," was published in Forbes....

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Nisum VP of Business Agility Wins The 2020 Project Management Update MVP Award!

We are pleased to announce that one of the Nisum Knows Authority Leaders Shami Ahuja has won 2nd place in the 2020...

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Agile Retrospectives - How to Strengthen Your Team’s Connections Through Continuous Improvement

Since the first programmable computers hit the market and software developers started working in teams, organizations...

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3 Ways to Choose the Best Methodology for You - Agile or Lean?

Lean is for prototyping and Agile for scaling those experiments. Wrong! If only the answer was so simple.


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5 Ways Adopting Agile Methodologies Can Benefit Your Business

The Agile approach to software development is incremental and iterative. It helps improve the quality of the software...

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White Paper: Integrating Design Thinking Principles into Agile

Design Thinking is a practical and creative way to problem solve quickly. It does this by guiding teams through a...

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White Paper: Capitalizing on Agile by Scaling to Enterprise Level

Agile methodology has proven to be effective in the IT industry to such a level that more and more companies are asking...

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Nisum Innovation Society and IBC Partner to Host Meetup on Scaling Agile

Updated April 6, 2018

Thank you to Richard Knaster, the IBC, and all who were in attendance at Nisum Innovation...

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Nisum Director featured in "From Doing to Being: The State of Agile in 2017" in CIO Review

"Right now, we are at the point where many organizations have mastered 'doing' Agile and are moving towards the goal of...