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Frameworks and Accelerators

Our Frameworks and Accelerators expedite development enabling you to deliver faster results.

Time is money. Your company needs any edge it can get to go to market faster and drive return. We developed 7 proprietary tools that can be instantly integrated into your company’s infrastructure to rapidly solve problems in business agility, development, testing, and more.


Testing and Automation Platform (TAP) Accelerator

Ideal for companies with a robust digital infrastructure, our proprietary TAP Accelerator automates and expedites testing and quality control so that you can run your business with confidence and speed.

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For Business Challenges

For Business Challenges

  • Manual testing produces inconsistent test results and is slow to market

  • Difficulty integrating testing automation with CI/CD and defect tracking systems

  • Leadership team lacks visibility to accurate and timely test status

  • Lack of skilled test writers

how we do it

How We Do It

  • Modular test suites

  • Over 125 pre-defined methods

  • Single-click execution

  • Automation execution history

  • Seamless integration to CI/CD

  • Auto defect creation

  • Integration to application and test logs

  • API, Web, and Mobile

  • Multi-VM execution configuration

  • In-built API and DB mocking module

  • Auto-locator

  • Flexible dashboards

Our Accelerator offers-1

Our Accelerator Offers

  • Reduced project timelines and budgets

  • Improved quality of software

  • Increased transparency of testing and delivery for stakeholders

  • Increased Agile maturity level of development and delivery teams

How Testing and Automation Delivers Customer Success

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