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Frameworks and Accelerators

Our Frameworks and Accelerators expedite development enabling you to deliver faster results.

Time is money. Your company needs any edge it can get to go to market faster and drive return. We developed 7 proprietary tools that can be instantly integrated into your company’s infrastructure to rapidly solve problems in business agility, development, testing, and more.


Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) Accelerator

Ideal for companies who need to accelerate development for incremental solutions on their digital infrastructure, our proprietary CI/CD Framework has a preconfigured and cloud-ready platform to jumpstart development and enable fast deployment cycles.

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For Business Challenges

For Business Challenges

  • Time constraints and dependencies on development teams, bottlenecking launch

  • Too many tools from a vast range of commercial and open-source options

  • Lack of repeatable and standard means to setup platforms

  • Introducing new changes in the environment results in service failure

  • Security standards are compromised in the name of productivity loss

how we do it

How We Do It

  • A full-service team of scrum masters and developers

  • Over 30 third party integration frameworks

  • Pre-integrated with common 3rd party tools

  • Cloud-ready CI/CD framework

Our Accelerator offers-1

Our Accelerator Offers

  • Faster ramp-up and launch time regardless of the tech stack

  • Faster feedback to developers; accelerated development timelines

  • Upleveled maturity of CI/CD and DevOps organization

  • Decreased level of support required by development team/operations teams

  • An integrated ecosystem of tools

  • Built-in security standards

How Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment Delivers Client Success

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