Big Data

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9 Key Technology Solutions for Digital Transformation in 2021

In this digital-first era, digital transformation has become a matter of do or die for businesses. This was highlighted...

4 min read

Why a Data-driven Culture Is Crucial for Digital Transformation and Its Challenges

The short answer to the question “why is a data-driven culture needed for digital transformation?” is that it allows...

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The Importance and Advantages of a Data-Driven Culture

A data-driven culture is all about making decisions based on numbers crunched and insights generated using data. “The...

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How to Save Money From Automation of Database Scaling With Azure

Current trends show that moving to Cloud has many competitive benefits including removing the need to maintain servers...

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6 Main Challenges of Migrating Database to the Cloud

Cloud storage and cloud computing have become popular with modern-day enterprises. By migrating data to a reliable...

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Nisum Featured in "The Top 5 Trends in Big Data for 2017" in Information Management

Nisum Sr. Technical Manager, Bharadwaj “Brad” Chivukula was featured in Information Management. Read it on Information...