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Understanding the importance of family, Nisum India proudly offers parental medical insurance in addition to family insurance. We provide free snacks and dinner daily, subsidize lunches, and sponsors cab transport for those working outside normal business hours. Stay sharp with daily training sessions and if certification is required for an employee, that cost is covered. Team lunches, hackathons, monthly team-building activities, a game room, and Nisum Premier League (NPL) tournaments of indoor and outdoor games and sports are just some of the fun perks of working at our India offices. Nisum India still enjoys helping the community through several events such as their annual blood drive to benefit the Red Cross.


Continuous Learning

Year-round training sessions are offered as part of skill enhancement certifications sponsored by the company on an as need basis. We support our team to excel in their field.

Parental Medical Insurance

Nisum believes our team is the heart of our business and we want to make sure to take care of the heart of theirs. We offer opt-in parental medical insurance in addition to our medical benefits.


From the Nisum Premier League's cricket tournaments to hosted Hack-a-thon, Nisum employees can participate in a variety of team building activities such as skits, dances performance in addition to festival celebrations..

Free Meals

Free snacks and dinner is provided on a daily basis, in addition to subsidized lunch.



Mason Mukai

Marketing Coordinator

It is very exciting working for a company that prides itself on being at the cutting edge of technology while also growing internally at such a high rate.


Catalina Reynolds

Chief of Staff

Working at Nisum has been a huge learning opportunity. Here, I get the chance to work on many different projects with some of the greatest minds of our company


Kumar Saurabh

Senior Project Manager

Proud to be a Nisumite. Excellent environment, well equipped and bright colleagues, and immense opportunities for professional and personal growth.


Yousuf Shariff

Sr. DevOps Engineer

It is satisfying to help make things function well at Nisum. I’m striving to keep things running in the most efficient manner possible.


"When I launched Nisum, our key principle was to ensure success and satisfaction for anyone that interacted with us — from employees to clients, vendors and partners. In other words, we had this notion that together, we are all greater than the sum of our individual parts — and business does not have to be a zero-sum game. That's why, everyday we try to go out and overcome more challenges, achieve more wins and enjoy our time — together. Over time, this spirit has crystallized into our motto of Building Success Together®. Looking back over the nearly 2 decades we've been in business, I'm very proud of the great strides we've made as an organization."
Imtiaz Mohammady
Nisum CEO
"The culture and core values built in Nisum align with my preferences, values, and abilities. Nisum's culture supports learning and development on the job and rewards hard work and dedication. The resources here are highly motivated, good at the job and enjoy what they do and create a great environment. Nisum has built its own reputation in the industry with an excellent track record with clients and employees and I am confident that Nisum has a great amazing future. There is nothing I love more than working for Nisum as I have been doing this for more than 16 years."
Ajas Ahmed
VP of Operations

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