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Frameworks and Accelerators

Our Frameworks and Accelerators expedite development enabling you to deliver faster results.

Time is money. Your company needs any edge it can get to go to market faster and drive return. We developed 7 proprietary tools that can be instantly integrated into your company’s infrastructure to rapidly solve problems in business agility, development, testing, and more.


Forecasting and Continuous Estimation Accelerator

Ideal for companies who want to leverage advanced analytics to extract fast, real-time, and actionable value from their data sources, our proprietary Forecasting and Continuous Estimation Accelerator expedites the build-out of machine-learning models at scale.

For Business Challenges

For Business Challenges

  • Highly complex feature engineering and selection of right machine learning model

  • Poor data quality, data bias, presence of outliers

  • Inability to integrate multiple formats and new data types to build accurate forecasts quickly

  • Static, instead of smart, assumptions despite real-time changes

  • Manual, or point-in-time, forecasting creates a lag in real-time market dynamics

how we do it

How We Do It

  • Machine learning models developed in a matter of weeks instead of months

  • Long tenured machine learning and data science SMEs

  • Framework applicability for a wide variety of use cases

Our Accelerator offers-1

Our Accelerator Offers

  • Speed to insights with pre-built, robust, flexible machine learning models

  • Advanced machine learning tools that increase accuracy and decision making

  • Applicability for a wide range of use cases 

  • Robust data preparation and exploratory data analysis

  • Rapid model creation/evaluation and selection and buildout of a champion model at scale

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