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1 min read

Nisum VP Will Be a Panelist at the 6th Global Leadership Research Conference

What are the important points for hiring the right talent for your business and keeping them engaged? Nisum VP of...

9 min read

Terms to Know to Deliver a Successful CI/CD Pipeline Project

A Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline implementation project is a complex task, mostly...

3 min read

Top 5 Website Vulnerabilities and Threats to Look Out for During the Pandemic

2020 saw a huge increase in cyber-attacks according to Proofpoint, a cybersecurity company monitoring cybercrime. Many...

3 min read

Why Coaching Has Become More Important Than Managing

Many companies are gravitating away from managing employees to coaching them. In a world that encourages employees with...

3 min read

How We Gave Back in 2020

Our company motto, Building Success Together®, encompasses our purpose to strive for shared value creation, not only...

5 min read

9 Key Technology Solutions for Digital Transformation in 2021

In this digital-first era, digital transformation has become a matter of do or die for businesses. This was highlighted...

1 min read

Nisum Helps Improve Initiative Time-to-Market by ~20% Through Agile Transformation

Nisum created an Agile transformation roadmap that changed work culture and standardized processes and practices, which...

4 min read

12 Inspirational Quotes from Leaders to Jumpstart Your Digital Transformation in 2021

Tech and business leaders have been discussing the importance of digital transformation for decades now. They know that...

1 min read

Nisum Increases ROI by 216% Over Two Years with Improved Loyalty Program

Nisum partnered with the client to launch a new loyalty program that increased sales and order penetration.



4 min read

4 Important Steps to Develop a Data-driven Culture

A data-driven culture helps organizations create a common, data-oriented culture and vocabulary. A shared vocabulary...