Insights and Analytics accelerates data transformations and empowers you to make smart decisions based on real-time, fact-based intelligence, and insights. 
For data and analytics leaders who maximize potential from data, Nisum’s Insights and Analytics business is a flexible and holistic partner who provides clients accelerated competitive edge by delivering smarter insights at scale. Nisum uses a unique, customizable “One Team” approach led by strong teams of long-tenured subject matter experts leveraging proprietary analytics accelerators, integrating data engineering, data science, and data visualization.

How Insights and Analytics Deliver Client Value

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Nisum Helps Increase Segment Sales by 20% with Optimized Forecasting

Nisum consolidated historical data for effective forecasting and helped determine the best market segments to forecast...

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Nisum Helps Increase Revenue by 20+% with Enhanced Data Visibility, Performance, and Reporting Tools

Nisum developed interactive dashboards with a real-time live connection that helped improve customer experience and...

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Nisum Reduces Cloud Costs by 30% with Optimized Functionality in Data Syndication

Nisum implemented software optimizations to the data processing pipeline to speed up data availability.



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Results You Can Expect

We have an integrated “One Team” approach led by long-tenured SMEs to provide actionable insights that lead to business success in: data engineering, data science, and data visualization.

Areas of Impact



  • Market Mix Modeling
  • Customer Churn Prediction
  • Promotions Prediction
  • Targeting and Campaign Optimization


  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Delivery Date Prediction


  • For-You Curated Products
  • New User Recommendations
  • Popular Items Recommendations
  • Shopping Assistant Chatbot

Supply Chain

  • Supply Optimization
  • Price Optimization
  • Delay Prediction
  • Manufacturing and Distribution Network
  • Optimization


  • Risk Modeling
  • Fraud Detection
  • Anomaly Detection

Framework and Accelerators


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Learn More About Insights and Analytics

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4 Important Steps to Develop a Data-driven Culture

A data-driven culture helps organizations create a common, data-oriented culture and vocabulary. A shared vocabulary...

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Why a Data-driven Culture Is Crucial for Digital Transformation and Its Challenges

The short answer to the question “why is a data-driven culture needed for digital transformation?” is that it allows...

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The Importance and Advantages of a Data-Driven Culture

A data-driven culture is all about making decisions based on numbers crunched and insights generated using data. “The...

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