A Customized Talent Development Program to Grow Leaders in Tech!


Our Ascend Accelerator program is intended to train and inspire diverse and high-potential talent for careers in technology and development for our clients.

We have committed to recruiting and developing talent amongst:

  • High-performing undergraduates
  • Veterans
  • Persons with disabilities
  • People of color
  • Women returning to the workforce
  • Other desired segments 

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This 12-week program will give high-performing candidates the opportunity to be permanently placed at our client full-time after graduating from the incubation program at Nisum.

Selected talent will:

  • Gain specialized training, mentorship, and dedicated development
  • Work on high-profile tech teams 


Build Technical Capabilities

Ascend builds high performing technical teams across our client’s digital and eCommerce initiatives

Build and Grow Talent Pipeline

Ascend grows new and emerging talent pools for our client’s technical platforms who can become future leaders

Increase Diversity and Inclusion

Ascend builds a team of technical talent for our clients who reflect today’s diverse community, putting our clients in an admirable leadership position of championing diversity and inclusion, e.g., high-performing undergraduates, veterans, persons with disabilities, people of color, return-to-work population, and more



Cohort-based Environment

Cohort-based Environment

Mirrors university and workplace environment to maximize the learning of new and recent graduates

Theoretical and Practical Learning

Theoretical and Practical Learning

Daily sessions including foundational lectures, hands-on experience, and assignments

Team-based Work

Team-based Work


Team assignments and projects emphasize collaboration, teamwork, diversity, and inclusion

Nisum Experts Teach Curriculum

Nisum Experts Teach Curriculum

Over 30 Nisum trainers and mentors bridging Client product expertise, with deep eCommerce knowledge, to teach and coach junior devs

Tech Focused on eCommerce Applications

Tech Focused on eCommerce Applications

Focus training on technologies and products most relevant to specific client needs, such as Rewards, Customer, Subscriptions, Loyalty, Catalog, etc.


Subjects Focused on Key Domain Knowledge

The curriculum consists of a deep understanding of domains, functions, agile methodologies, and working in an enterprise environment

Final Project Culmination

Final Project Culmination


Multiple teams building working POCs and/or applications that connect and communicate with each other based on client product/focus areas

Representative Cohort

Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 3.23.21 AM


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A Note From Our CEO

"Nisum itself was built from a tapestry of people from a wide range of cultures, ethnicities, geographies, and backgrounds. I am pleased we can build specialized and diverse teams for our clients to provide high-impact solutions and opportunities to deserving rising talent."
- Imtiaz Mohammady, Nisum CEO


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