Advanced Analytics

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9 Key Technology Solutions for Digital Transformation in 2021

In this digital-first era, digital transformation has become a matter of do or die for businesses. This was highlighted...

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Why a Data-driven Culture Is Crucial for Digital Transformation and Its Challenges

The short answer to the question “why is a data-driven culture needed for digital transformation?” is that it allows...

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The Importance and Advantages of a Data-Driven Culture

A data-driven culture is all about making decisions based on numbers crunched and insights generated using data. “The...

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Best Ways to Leverage the Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM)

Data mining helps analyze and find patterns in data. Data reliability can assure better accuracy while building models...

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Top 3 Benefits of Detailed Customer Segmentation During COVID-19

Currently, it is safe to assume that customers have higher expectations from their interactions with businesses...

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Nisum Boosts Monthly Sales by $1MM+ with Optimized Product Promotions and Improved Customer Experience

Nisum implemented changes in customer teams by utilizing a predictive analytics model to optimize product promotions.

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Nisum Helps Increase Orders by 62% with Personalized Offers and Improved Loyalty Program

Nisum partnered with the loyalty stakeholders and the marketing team to provide the most effective way of rewarding the...

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4 Ways Advanced Analytics Can Provide a Competitive Edge in the “Novel” Normal

The pandemic has altered the where and how of global consumer spend.

Recent earnings reports1 from large retail...

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White Paper: BI and Analytics Continuum for Enterprises

In this whitepaper, we will discuss why transitioning from BI to advanced analytics is important, and the Nisum...