Business Agility Success Story

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Nisum Helps Improve Initiative Time-to-Market by ~20% Through Agile Transformation

Nisum created an Agile transformation roadmap that changed work culture and standardized processes and practices, which...

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Nisum Helps Reduce Feature Costs by 40+% with Lean Labs and Agile Pods

Nisum’s Lean Lab team utilized the Agile Pods model to reduce project costs and timelines.


The Client’s new...

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Nisum Helps Increase Resource Bandwidth by 50% with Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment Framework

Nisum implemented a CI/CD framework that allowed developers to input their own pipeline requirements and increased...

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Nisum Helps Generate $8MM Incremental Revenue with Scrum-Team-as-a-Service (STaaS)

Nisum developed an integrated solution in eCommerce and supply chain.


The ability to specify purchased...

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Digitalization of Insurance Services

A Look Into How Nisum Eliminated Silos for Seamless Business Integration.

Business Challenges

Superior Access...

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The Role of the Product Owner: Challenges of Ensuring Business Value

How Nisum activated a cultural shift to break down the silos and build a partnership between the Product Owner and the...

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Data Management Platforms Reduce Abandoned Shopping Carts

Understanding Customer Behavior is Key to Keeping Them Engaged


Business Challenge

Nisum’s Client, a leader in...