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9 min read

Terms to Know to Deliver a Successful CI/CD Pipeline Project

A Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline implementation project is a complex task, mostly...

3 min read

Why Coaching Has Become More Important Than Managing

Many companies are gravitating away from managing employees to coaching them. In a world that encourages employees with...

5 min read

Nisum EVP's "Three Lessons For Business Leaders Heading Into 2021" in Forbes

Nisum EVP, Sajid Mohamedy's article, "Three Lessons For Business Leaders Heading Into 2021," was published in Forbes....

1 min read

Nisum VP of Business Agility Wins The 2020 Project Management Update MVP Award!

We are pleased to announce that one of the Nisum Knows Authority Leaders Shami Ahuja has won 2nd place in the 2020...

6 min read

3 Ways Great Product Management Drives Enterprise Agility

What does it mean for an enterprise to be Agile, and how can product managers use the best practices of Agile as a...

6 min read

12 Hacks to Optimize Efficiency While Working From Home

Working from home has been a challenge for many professionals this year. Many are adjusting to this new,...

5 min read

Agile Retrospectives - How to Strengthen Your Team’s Connections Through Continuous Improvement

Since the first programmable computers hit the market and software developers started working in teams, organizations...

6 min read

5 Ways To Boost Team Morale and Productivity While Working Remotely

According to a recent Gartner report, “74% of companies plan to permanently shift to remote work post-COVID-19.”...

6 min read

3 Ways to Choose the Best Methodology for You - Agile or Lean?

Lean is for prototyping and Agile for scaling those experiments. Wrong! If only the answer was so simple.