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Frameworks and Accelerators

Our Frameworks and Accelerators expedite development enabling you to deliver faster results.

Time is money. Your company needs any edge it can get to go to market faster and drive return. We developed 7 proprietary tools that can be instantly integrated into your company’s infrastructure to rapidly solve problems in business agility, development, testing, and more.


Data Ingestion Accelerator

Ideal for organizations who must accelerate their data transformation journey, our proprietary Data Ingestion Accelerator makes their diverse data sources ready to quickly capture the most potential and extract the most value from the data.

For Business Challenges

For Business Challenges

  • Inefficiencies due to incremental changes and constant data integrations

  • High data complexity and cost of licensing

  • Unable to store data in desired formats

  • Unable to support batch, micro-batch, and direct stream/continuous ingestion modes

  • Poor data quality, consistency, and standardization

how we do it

How We Do It

  • Unified, extensible platform-agnostic framework

  • Long tenured data ingestion/engineering SMEs

  • Multi-language, multi-tool, multi-source data ecosystem

  • Full-service project/data team for E2E data strategy and execution


Our Accelerator offers-1

Our Accelerator Offers

  • Rapid data ingestion with significant cost savings

  • A platform-agnostic and open-source approach

  • Unified, extensible, and customizable solution

  • Support batch, micro-batch, and direct stream/ continuous mode ingestion

  • Plug-n-play robust data pipeline with built-in connectors for desired storage formats

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