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Careers in Latin America

Surrounded by the beautiful Andes mountains and with a wide variety of landscapes and climates, our Nisum offices in LatAm offer employees a host of exciting perks. In addition to comprehensive and complementary health insurance, we offer other wellness benefits, such as annual flu shots and discounts on gym memberships and health care establishments.

Nisum LatAm also provides many benefits to team members with families, which include flexible hours and daycare support for mothers of children under the age of 2 and gifts to celebrate Mother's, Father’s, and Children’s Day.

We like to grow together as a team, and thus, offer several platforms for employees to get together to not only share knowledge but also share the option of attending a wide range of online courses for continuing education. We don't stop at technical learning; we also host events to highlight the diverse cultures that make up our office by encouraging events such as our gastronomic fairs which have our team members sharing their culture through traditional dishes.


Continuous Education

Continuous Education

We provide English and Spanish language classes as well as a wide range of courses for continuous professional and personal growth. We also host TechTalks to provide a platform to share knowledge with teammates!

Complimentary Health Insurance

Complimentary Health Insurance

We provide complementary health insurance with our partner, Vida Camara insurer. It is voluntary and co-financed by the company by 50%.

Wellness Activities

Wellness Activities

We like to promote health and wellness in the workplace and offer discounts to gym and health care establishments and support wellness activities within the company.

Learn How You Can Grow Your Career at Nisum

Learn how to accelerate your career growth at Nisum with high-impact projects at clients ranging from mega enterprises to start-up disrupters. Our team members have the opportunity to work globally and have an average tenure of 10 years which demonstrates our dedication to people and partnership. Watch the video to learn more.



Employee Perspectives


Bernardita Espinoza

Brand Identity Design Lead

Grupo 262
Nisum pushes us to develop our talents and pursue the value of excellence. I led the launch of Nisum's new brand identity and felt supported by my team and leadership to be innovative and bold. It's been thrilling to see my designs come to life! Also, working with an international team has allowed me to work in a richly diverse environment. I have grown immensely, professionally and personally.



Aazib Safi Patoli

Senior Software Engineer

Grupo 262-1
Nisum has provided a friendly, helping hand to help grow my career. I work with fascinating, cutting-edge technologies in a conducive work environment and have had the opportunity to relocate to the Nisum Chile office from the Nisum Pakistan office. Working at Nisum has been a turning point in my career growth and self-development.



Lissett Díaz Mesa

Frontend Developer

Grupo 262-1
Nisum is a workplace where passionate workers are given numerous opportunities to shine. Professional and respectful managers have created a comfortable place to learn and apply my expertise. I have developed my skills and become an expert Frontend Developer. I still have a lot to learn, but I look forward to learning and sharing my knowledge with my colleagues.



Ghulam Raza

Backend Developer

Grupo 262-1
Nisum is one of those companies where, no matter how long you work there, you’ll never stop growing or developing. You get to work on multiple projects and switch tech stacks, which considerably improves your skills. You get to work with the latest tools and technologies and wear different hats as they are growing fast. I am not sure what else a potential candidate would ask for in their career!


Employee-focused Leaders

Florencia Romero

Florencia Romero

People & Culture Manager
Leon Sack

Leon Sacks

General Manager
Fernando Benavides-1

Fernando Benavides

Director, Business Agility & Innovation

Current Openings

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