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Nisum's Blockchain Lab was founded in 2017, with an objective of advancing the disruptive potential and progressive functionality of blockchain technologies. At the center of Nisum's innovation culture are our clients. Our lab was formed to stay ahead of the technology curve, by gathering expertise in new and effective applications of blockchain-enabled capabilities, such as distributed databases, distributed ledgers, and decentralized file storage.

Blockchain Labs


What Is Blockchain, and Is It Right for Your Business?

Learn more about blockchain and its benefits and applications by visiting our Blockchain Technology: The Future of Business page. The potential for blockchain exists across all industries, from banking and healthcare to education and retail.

This digital platform can record and verify transactions on a ledger visible to all while closed to revisions at the same time.

These capabilities provide transparency and security, which are attributes that are becoming paramount as the world continues to advance through full digital transformation.

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Schedule a Workshop: Blockchain Theory and Practice

Learn the principles behind blockchain, discover its many applications, and put theory into practice in a 6-hour workshop designed to introduce you to the technology shaping the world today.

Led by Nisum’s Blockchain Lab Founder, Sebastián Martínez, non-IT participants will have the skills to discuss blockchain intelligently and identify possible real-world applications. Developers will have the basic knowledge to run concept tests, develop smart contracts, and connect them with all types of applications laying a solid foundation to further build on. All attendees will gain valuable insights on blockchain while collaborating with other like-minded individuals passionate about this cutting-edge technology.

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5 Questions to Ask Before Starting Your Blockchain Journey

The journey to implementing blockchain technology isn't an easy one, but it is mission critical. Companies who fail to adopt blockchain will experience disruption in the near future. But, before you start the journey to blockchain, there are five things you need to consider.

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Blockchain Platforms We Are Currently Working With

We have expertise and experience with numerous blockchain types.

  • Ethereum

  • Mixed Tech Stack

  • Hyperledger

  • Blockchain 3.0

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