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Frameworks and Accelerators

Our Frameworks and Accelerators expedite development enabling you to deliver faster results.

Time is money. Your company needs any edge it can get to go to market faster and drive return. We developed 7 proprietary tools that can be instantly integrated into your company’s infrastructure to rapidly solve problems in business agility, development, testing, and more.

Frameworks and Accelerators

Site Reliability Framework

Ideal for companies with a digital infrastructure critical for their commerce needs, our proprietary Site Reliability Framework provides a proven approach to monitor, measure, and improve high availability and reliability to achieve operational excellence.

Site Reliability Framework
For Business Challenges

For Business Challenges

  • Lack of holistic platform to showcase real-time status on business and operational KPIs that connect the dots

  • Too many SRE tools to easily determine which is right for them

  • A variety of split tools across SRE and Product lines, making it difficult to understand holistic business stats

  • Delays in reporting sales don’t allow product managers to adjust online campaigns in a timely manner

how we do it

How We Do It

  • Lean automation with a software engineering mindset

  • AI/ML-driven dashboards

  • Shared accountability across verticals

  • Industry-leading tools experts

Our Accelerator offers-1

Our Accelerator Offers

  • Custom dashboards to track SLOs and improve reliability, intelligent alerting systems

  • Provide data and product reporting specialists to build out KPIs for clients

  • Metrics-driven decision making to deliver more stable and reliable solutions

  • Non-linear increase of operational team sizes as services and features increase

  • Reduce silos and shared ownership and accountability across stakeholders

How Site Reliability Engineering Delivers Client Success

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