Business Agility provides a measured approach to continuously improve your business confidently and sustainably.

For senior transformation leaders of mid-to-large enterprise companies who must build a nimble culture to achieve higher efficiencies in day-to-day operations, Nisum Business Agility is an experienced partner who orchestrates measurable, holistic Agile transformation anchored in cultural change and enabled by technology excellence. Nisum has a team of full-service certified agility experts who seamlessly integrate with clients from a cultural and mindset change perspective. Using our unique Scrum-Team-as-a-Service model and proven methodology and digital measurement tools, we elevate businesses at any level of transformation maturity.


How Business Agility Delivers Client Value

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Nisum Reduces Overall Validation Timelines by 30% with New User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Release Validation Workflow

Nisum improves release validation workflow to reduce the overall validation timeline.


UAT approvals and...

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Nisum Helps Improve Initiative Time-to-Market by ~20% Through Agile Transformation

Nisum created an Agile transformation roadmap that changed work culture and standardized processes and practices, which...

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Nisum Helps Reduce Feature Costs by 40+% with Lean Labs and Agile Pods

Nisum’s Lean Lab team utilized the Agile Pods model to reduce project costs and timelines.


The Client’s new...

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Results You Can Expect

We offer full-service, certified, Agility experts that use proven methodologies to deliver sustainable and measurable results.


Areas of Impact


Product Management

  • UX
  • Business / System Analyst Management

Enterprise Agility

  • Transformation
  • Training
  • Change Management

Agile Delivery

  • Portfolio Planning
  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Release Management


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Agile Transformation Framework


Ideal for companies eager to transform their mindset and culture to think and act more nimbly to adapt to the ever-changing demands of the market, Nisum’s Agile Transformation Framework provides a hands-on, proven approach for flexible and dependable change management of both maturity and scalability of Agile implementations. Using gold-standard methodologies and led by our certified Business Agility experts, this Framework will expedite your company’s transition to a more effective, efficient, productive, and engaged workforce.

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10 Benefits of Going Agile


The Business Benefits of an Agile Enterprise page will go in-depth on the overall benefits of Business Agility, including the 10 benefits enterprises can expect after going Agile. We understand changing an entire enterprise culture to be Agile can be complex, but you can begin to see results immediately.


Access Business Agility: The Business Benefits of an Agile Enterprise


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Why Coaching Has Become More Important Than Managing

Many companies are gravitating away from managing employees to coaching them. In a world that encourages employees with...

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Nisum EVP's "Three Lessons For Business Leaders Heading Into 2021" in Forbes

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Nisum VP of Business Agility Wins The 2020 Project Management Update MVP Award!

We are pleased to announce that one of the Nisum Knows Authority Leaders Shami Ahuja has won 2nd place in the 2020...

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