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Press Release: Nisum Announces New Checkout Framework, QuickOut

Aug 2, 2017 9:00:00 AM

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Nisum announces the launch of new mobile-first, single-page checkout framework supporting positive CX for online retailers.

San Francisco, Calif. August 2, 2017

Nisum, a global leader in helping organizations achieve digital transformation, today announced the availability of its QuickOut service offering, a mobile-­‐first, single-­‐page checkout framework for online retailers. The company’s newest service offering is based on an in-­‐depth research study conducted by Nisum on various components of the online checkout process. Nisum analyzed retailer shopping carts, customer expectations, digital and market trends to design QuickOut, an enterprise-­‐grade robust solution that improves conversions, reduces shopping cart abandonment, and increases customer loyalty.

“A staggering number -­‐-­‐ nearly 70% -­‐-­‐ of consumers abandon their shopping carts, with 30% of those shoppers abandoning because of a long or complicated checkout process,” said Faraz Mohammed, Director of ATS at Nisum. “As consumers continue to shop online using a variety of connected devices, it’s clear that a ‘one-­‐size-­‐fits-­‐all’ approach rarely works for checkout processes. QuickOut helps retailers identify and build toward both business needs and consumer expectations in designing their own checkout processes, in order to provide buyers with an easy, seamless checkout experience.”

QuickOut uses Nisum’s proprietary Tailored Checkout Framework, a well-­‐engineered solution that takes a “Mobile First” approach with horizontal scalability, while using the latest UI frameworks and technologies. It provides buyers with a fast, simple and error-­‐free one page checkout process that minimizes confusion and maximizes the value of the customer experience.

“With the advent of Digital Transformation there is tremendous focus on adopting VR and various other technologies to transform businesses,” said Faraz. “To get it right, online retailers need to pay close attention to the fundamental aspects of the technology and how it relates to customer demands. It is better to be less concerned with implementing new technologies simply because they exist and focus more on the need the technology is delivering.”

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