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Nisum Reduces Overall Validation Timelines by 30% with New User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Release Validation Workflow

Apr 5, 2021 4:59:38 PM

Nisum improves release validation workflow to reduce the overall validation timeline.


Business Challenge

A clinical research company needed to enhance its release validation and UAT workflows because the UAT execution was time-constrained by the completion of requirement validation. This interdependency led to:

  • Delays in going to production strictly because of incomplete documentation or validation, leading to: 
    • Less time to resolve p0 critical issues with UAT incidents being discovered later
  • Increased likelihood of audit findings due to less thorough documentation/testing
  • Production testing delays as an effect of validation testing delays


Nisum experts streamlined the validation process by combining the validation workflows with UAT for an initial validation phase, and providing automation solutions, resulting in:

  • Reduced overall timelines by overlapping UAT and requirement validation
  • Increased future release capacity by reducing change control overhead request
  • Increased UAT incident resolution by providing UAT drafting and analysis in the verification stage 

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