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Nisum Reduces Feature Roll Out Time by 90+% with Centralization

Jan 1, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Nisum partnered with the client to create a centralized system to improve their time-to-market by developing an end-to-end application.



The client now has a centralized virtual point of sale (VPOS) with a shortened time-to-market and improved operational efficiencies, resulting in:

  • A decrease in automatic payment issues
  • A decrease in customer service calls 
  • A decrease in reported failures
  • Automated payment issues for customer tenders
  • SNAP transactions processed for store availability
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compatible emails

Business Challenge

A grocery client’s existing VPOS system was decentralized and required a separate configuration for each store, leading to:

  • Delays in timelines due to the system deployment being done individually across all physical store locations
  • Delays in customers receiving their receipts due to manual processes
  • Frustrated customers due to a decentralized UI


Nisum partnered with the client to address their timeline and budgetary challenges through a centralized system by developing an end-to-end application. The application included database design and modeling, back-end APIs, standard and high-level UI functionality, and templated and printed customer receipts, resulting in:

  • Reduced frustrated customers by implementing a faster and easy-to-manage centralized system that integrated the payment gateway service and receipt generation
  • Reduced reported failures by establishing order status monitoring procedures and a failure reprocess mechanism that alerted them to issues earlier
  • Reduced automatic payment issues by implementing report generation for revenue and exceptions

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