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Nisum Increases Product Information Transfer Rate by >335% by Migrating Data Transmission to the Cloud

Sep 15, 2021 4:18:16 PM

Nisum implemented a microservice and data event architecture to enhance data transfers to the cloud.

The client now has all product and price information in the cloud, improving the speed and quality of the data transfer, leading to:

errors in product reporting

of the countries they are present in have integrated this solution


Business Challenge:

A leading home improvement retailer in Latin America needed to improve the rate of product and price information transfers on their eCommerce platforms and stores. Their previous transfer rate led to:

  • Poor customer experience due to slow daily updates for products and prices
  • Limits on how much data and errors can be transferred
  • Unavailability of price consultation for other systems in the cloud
  • Misinformation in the traceability of all flows



Nisum implemented a microservice and data event architecture with an up-to-date tech stack using Google Cloud, leading to:

  • An increase in the product information transfer rate by increasing the time-to-market of the solution on GCP to connect locally with cloud solutions
  • A decrease in errors in product reporting by enhancing the product and price data processing performance using near real-time information from Google GCP cloud solution
    • Achieved by transforming a batch process into an event-driven environment
  • An enhanced customer experience by improving the transfer of product and price information to the electronic commerce system (Catalyst)
  • A solution that can be integrated into all countries the client is present in, which will improve customer experience across all branches

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