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Nisum Helps Reduce Opex by ~50% with Site Reliability Framework

Jun 5, 2020 1:35:00 PM

Nisum built a comprehensive SRE Portal Framework.


Clients now have a reliable and scalable SRE portal framework, which measures service availability using machine learning in addition to providing end-to-end visibility across the production ecosystem, leading to:

  • High Availability (five nines) of services, which is when the downtime is less than 5.26 minutes per year
  • Increased cross-functional collaboration with shared accountability and ownership


Business Challenge:
A Fortune 500 premium goods retailer lacked a comprehensive framework to measure its digital operations and end-to-end visibility against business and technical KPIs, specifically on eCommerce systems. This led to:

  • Impacted customers because: 
    • Churn between business units created downtime in services
    • Manual operations caused a delay in deliveries
  • Increased operational expenditures due to a linear increase in team sizes
  • Decreased revenue due to downtime

Nisum built a comprehensive SRE Portal Framework to measure everything, understand the current state of Service Level Indicator (SLIs), and define Service Level Objective (SLOs). As a result, they are able to achieve a balance between reliability and scalability over the velocity of feature delivery. 

  • Developed a spring-boot web application that has responsive web design, using Angular, with built-in schedulers, database connectors, and Rest API integration capabilities to:
    • Fetch source data from disparate systems across the enterprise (Internal/External)
    • Provide unified 360-degree visibility on business and technical operations
  • Analyzed KPIs, in turn, helped SRE engineers to connect the dots and cut down response (MTTA) and resolution (MTTR) times, leading to
    • A decrease in the operational budget
    • Better focus on automation of menial tasks

“Amazing to see the result of measuring everything over time to achieve operational excellence.”

-VP of Site Reliability Engineering

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