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Nisum Helps Reduce Operational Costs by 50% with Order Management System (OMS) Modernization

Apr 6, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Nisum improves the OMS by migrating the service to the cloud.


Business Challenge

A Fortune 500 retail client had a non-native cloud app running on-prem OMS that needed to be migrated to a cloud-based container runtime environment (PCF - Pivotal Cloud Foundry / Azure Kubernetes service), leading to:

  • Delayed time-to-market and deployment times because the applications are not cloud-native 
  • Higher operational costs due to a lack of on-demand scaling and time consuming set up for the environments


Nisum implemented a custom Spring Boot loader to migrate the 60+ services that make up the OMS service. The Spring Boot loader has a custom classloader for the environment-specific resources and can attach the war file to the Spring container, resulting in:

  • Reduced operational costs by migrating the services to the cloud, allowing the client to scale horizontally based on load rather than provisioning the resources upfront
  • An increase in peak load because the switch to the cloud allowed the client to scale applications horizontally and sustain through the peak high volumes
  • Reduced time-to-market by modernizing all 60+ services as cloud-native apps by using our custom Spring Boot loader instead of converting each app one-by-one
  • Reduced build times using modernized build tools by migrating to Gradle and building reusable custom Gradle plugins
  • Ease of deployment services by migrating to the cloud, making the teams self-sufficient to perform deployments

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Written by Nisum

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