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Nisum Helps Increase Resource Bandwidth by 50% with Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment Framework

Oct 27, 2020 3:34:00 AM

Nisum implemented a CI/CD framework that allowed developers to input their own pipeline requirements and increased their bandwidth for developing new features.



The number of ad hoc requests received daily was drastically reduced, allowing the client to have a smaller team that can focus on the implementation of new features. The change ratio is:

  • 80% of resources delegated to ad hoc tasks reduced to 30% of resources delegated to ad hoc tasks
  • 20% of resources delegated to developing new features increased to 70% of resources delegated to developing new features

Business Challenge:

A Fortune 500 grocery client had outdated practices that created a poor division of roles that were counterproductive from a DevOps perspective, so developers were not involved in any aspect of the pipeline definition, implementation, or maintenance, leading to:

  • Every pipeline change or error needing to be addressed by the DevOps team, which led to:
    • An unscalable DevOps team size
    • Waste of resources


Nisum implemented a CI/CD framework that was easy for developers to use and input their own pipeline requirements. They also created a product manual to inform and train the developers on the use of the framework, resulting in:

  • Reducing tasks for the developers by defining reusable pieces of code to handle repetitive Jenkins pipeline tasks. They accomplished this by encapsulating the whole pipeline logic to use the Jenkins shared library plugin. 
  • Reducing repeated work and refocusing resources by enabling developers to write and define their own pipelines, from within their source code, by using a shared library achieved by: 
    • Creating a flexible and simple Jenkinsfile DSL and using an agile method for the implementation process with a QA pipeline. They tested changes and different test environments for the CI of the shared library. External services were integrated into the shared library to make it easy to use. These services included Artifactory, Sonar, PCF, Azure key vault, and Veracode.

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