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Nisum Helps Increase Processing Capabilities by 33% With an Updated Tech Stack for BI Application

Nov 8, 2021 5:30:59 PM

Nisum enhanced data analytics by implementing an updated tech stack that increased data visibility and retention.


The retail client now has added capabilities and is able to retain data for 3+ years for analytics and reporting, leading to:

reduction in monthly costs on Azure database infrastructure
(with 1500DWU)

reduction in the cube refresh rate (with 1500DWU)

faster results for heavy user queries (2 quarters read with 1500DWU)


Business Challenge

A Fortune 500 multi-brand apparel retail company’s supply chain BI users were unable to rollover their analytics and reporting year-over-year on the application they were using, leading to:

  • Limited analytics and reporting due to a data retention limit

  • Decreased application performance as data storage approached the 3.5TB out of 4TB limit (business-critical tier)

  • Unsustainability in peak 2020 due to only having a ~50GB daily incremental data application 

  • Limited visibility to raw data since data was only retained for 7 days 


Nisum implemented a redesigned architecture with an upgraded tech stack that enhanced logging capabilities along with migrating the data from Azure SQL database to Azure Synapse (formally known as Azure Data Warehouse), resulting in:

  • Reduced monthly costs by adding the ability to scale the service tier (up or down) per workload requirements, which was not available previously

  • Increased processing capabilities by effectively distributing data to obtain better performance with Azure Synapse 

  • Faster results for heavy user queries due to eliminating the storage limit which allows additional raw data to be retained on the database in a queryable state

  • Reduced cube data refresh delay during critical periods by scaling up to Azure Synapse

  • Added capability to address the business user's requests to modify transformations and restate data, as raw data is maintained on the database

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