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Nisum Helps Increase Global Platform Accessibility by 400% by Streamlining Project Delivery Processes Using NILE Best Practices

May 6, 2022 2:10:51 PM

Nisum implemented an agile transformation roadmap using NILE best practices to increase productivity and the delivery scope.

Streamlining Project Delivery Processes Using NILE Best Practices

Nisum re-structured the project team and the delivery process by introducing NILE1 best practices that helped increase the throughput from 2 country languages per month to 10 country languages per month, leading to:

improvement in forecasting

improvement in capacity mapping and content management

A faster time-to-market


Business Challenge

A leading healthcare research company needed help managing and improving their platform’s global accessibility because the company was dealing with:

  • An unorganized scope of work and feature deliverables that caused delays, leading to slow implementation and less productivity

  • Existing implementation challenges that were inconsistent across the platform, causing global product inconsistency

  • Avoidable issues and bugs due to lacking a process to address changes which meant cross-functional teams kept overlapping each other’s work without prior communication

  • Missed deadlines and communication gaps due to poor order tracking and management because the information related to order date, order delivery, and cost were not being tracked



Nisum business agility experts implemented an agile transformation roadmap using NILE best practices that exceeded expectations, resulting in:

  • Increased productivity and delivery scope by having a proactive and organized plan 

  • Improved product efficiency due to consistent implementation that captured customer feedback more frequently 

  • Improved capacity mapping and content management by: 

    • Planning and mapping the planned work against the team’s capacity

    • Streamlining roles and communication between cross-functional teams and vendors 

  • Improved forecasting and go-to-market by using NILE best practices for defining clear roles and responsibilities, working on the value-based outcome, advancing leadership mindset for the agile delivery model, and improving work visibility


1NILE (Nisum Initiative for Lean Enterprises) is an Agile framework used to measure an organization's Agile Maturity and help them achieve a higher level of maturity



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