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Nisum Helps Increase Customer Engagement by 18% with Redesigned Customer Portal and Advanced Analytics

May 6, 2022 1:53:49 PM

Nisum redesigned the customer preference portal to collect complete data sets, offer customers greater personalization options, and lead to more accurate product recommendations.

Redesigned Customer Portal and Advanced Analytics

A redesigned customer preference portal was able to collect long-term data sets and provide greater personalization options, which led to:

increase in revenue

Increase in customer loyalty

Decrease in return rate

Business Challenge

A Fortune 500 retailer had a customer preference portal that was only able to save data based on short-term analytic data sets and cookies, but no existing customer behavior or experiences were captured from a long-term perspective, leading to:

  • Decreased growth rate caused by a stagnant eCommerce conversion rate

  • Increased return rates due to constricted product recommendations made with short-term data sets that lack a holistic view of customers made over longer periods of time



Nisum redesigned the customer preference portal and implemented a high resiliency system, which was able to collect complete data sets and offered customers greater personalization options. This resulted in:

  • Incremental growth created by increased conversion rates, which were stimulated by:

    • A more personalized customer experience

    • Predicting purchasing patterns using advanced analytics and long-term customer data

  • Decreased return rates due to more accurate product recommendations

  • Decreased system downtime due to a high resiliency system that can:

    • Easily identify faults and their locations

    • Quickly recover from faults

    • Operate without interruption through failures

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