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The Top 3 Benefits of Open-source Test Automation Frameworks

May 11, 2022 8:00:00 AM

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What Is a Test Automation Framework?

Test automation frameworks are guidelines that create and design test cases that help testers use resources more efficiently.

Testing automation frameworks identify objects and arrange them to be reused in test scripts to perform actions on identified objects and evaluate them to get the expected results. All this, in turn, helps companies improve testing accuracy. Testing automation frameworks can also reduce test maintenance costs and lower risks. There are many test automation frameworks available for companies to purchase. This article talks about one subset of these offerings - open-source. Using open-source solutions provides many benefits compared to traditional automation frameworks.

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Here are three ways open-source test automation frameworks can be beneficial:

1. Open-source Test Automation Frameworks Are Affordable

The significant advantage of open-source is that ownership costs are low. Standard testing apparatuses are expensive. Some paid solutions have business models that charge by use. Companies who want to reuse their frameworks will instantly save by choosing an open-source solution.

2. Open-source Test Automation Frameworks Are Adjustable

Open-source programming can be changed to suit a testing team’s specific prerequisites. This editable code allows for a smoother transition to use on other projects. This flexibility means you do not have to start from zero each time your project needs to pivot.

3. Open-source Test Automation Frameworks Improve Testing

Test cycles with open-source apparatuses will generally be more limited than conventional devices. Arrangement and instrument sending are also speedy, and there’s no requirement for a monotonous introduction.


How Nisum Can Help You Deploy a Successful Test Automation Framework

Organizations have plenty of growth opportunities when deploying a successful test automation framework. It helps companies gain customer confidence, identify new business areas, improve internal practices, and improve time to market. Nisum’s Digital experts have the experiment and knowledge to provide you with a measured approach to enhance your business confidently and sustainably in a continuous manner.

Nisum is here for you, ready to help your business achieve its goals. Since 2000, Nisum consultants have deployed successful test automation frameworks. The insights you gain from this process and framework will help you be better equipped to find and execute product growth in your company.



Founded in California in 2000, Nisum is a digital commerce company focused on strategic IT initiatives using integrated solutions that deliver real and measurable growth.

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