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Nisum Helps Increase Efficiency of Data Management by 95% With New Data Ingestion in New Promotion Engine

Apr 8, 2022 4:31:28 PM

Nisum optimized the grocery client's database to decrease operational expenses, increase data management efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction.


The grocery leader now has an enhanced data ingestion system that is scalable and can be integrated with multiple systems, leading to a(n):

decrease in timeouts

-7 sec
decrease in transaction time

Increase in customer satisfaction


Business Challenge

A Fortune 500 grocery leader with an omnichannel presence had a data management system that was unscalable and caused multiple timeouts. They needed a new system that would:

  • Reduce operational expenses by maintaining a database that only uses or stores the required data 
  • Reduce timeouts caused by huge chunks of data
  • Reduce the Clip (offer) travel time by less than 60 seconds to reduce customer wait time



Nisum optimized the database so it only uses or stores required data and reduces the amount of memory needed to process the data, resulting in:

  • Decreased operational expenses and increased data management efficiency by: 
    • Distributing data by filtering the data based on the metadata and lookup data to create tables with high-level information about particular offer data (metadata) and about the offer, discount, and products included (lookup data)
    • Sending customer data to the stores requiring the data based on the customer’s past store visiting trends, which reduces the amount of data going to other local store databases that a customer may never visit
    • Purging data that has already been used in terms of transactions and offer data that has already expired
    • Enabling multi-stationed data processing by creating multiple processors and connector services that made it easy to trace lost data and made testing and maintenance easier to perform
  • Reduced Clip travel time by ensuring the Clip(s) is only processed based on the offer availability for the household ID (HHID)
  • Improved customer satisfaction due to reducing the customer wait time by retrieving and synchronizing customer data from the central database only when needed
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