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Nisum Helps Increase Order Fulfillment Rate by 45% with New Warehouse Picking System Implementation

Apr 5, 2022 4:53:19 PM

Nisum implemented a new in-house picking system that optimized the picking process and operational costs.


The new picking system is a fast and responsive application with a simplified picking process, resulting in:

decrease in operational costs


increase in the overall efficiency of the picking process

decrease in order picking time

decrease in store-to-customer hand-off time

Business Challenge

A Fortune 500 grocery chain leader had a third-party picking system application that had a complex process for picking orders, leading to:

  • High operational costs 
  • A decrease in their order fulfillment rate due to an increase in order picking time
  • An increase in latency, which causes difficulty in picking multiple orders 


Nisum partnered with the client to implement an in-house picking system application comprised of a redesigned mobile app, manager dashboard, remodeled backend for API flows, and a new database system, resulting in:

  • Reduced operational costs by developing an in-house picking system which eliminates third-party implementation and maintenance costs
  • Improved overall efficiency of the picking process with a robust and user-friendly mobile application
  • A significant reduction of multiple manual steps by automating the order release and prioritization processes 
  • A reduction in latency with usability improvements by redesigning the backend APIs with better architecture to address bottlenecks for all order processing
  • Easier onboarding for new associates due to simplifying the picking process by removing redundant steps and item location optimization

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