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Nisum Helps Improve Outage Detection Time by 100% with Enhanced Alert Grouping and Rule-Based Event Suppression Capabilities

May 5, 2021 3:27:10 PM


Business Challenge

A Fortune 500 retail client was facing a challenge with the proliferation of monitoring telemetry data, leading to:

  • Increased incident volume leading to alert fatigue
  • Reduced on-call responsiveness
  • Increased outage detection times


Nisum product specialists helped formulate a digital operations roadmap to help overcome the client’s challenges around monitoring telemetry volume. The roadmap helped in the roll-out of key digital operations capabilities, resulting in:

  • A reduction in incident volume by implementing a mechanism to centralize all monitoring tool inputs using a standard event format, enabling both legacy and DevOps monitoring tools to have standardized event and incident management workflows
  • A reduction in non-actionable alerts by using content from alert payload to deduplicate alerts and group similar alerts into a single Incident and help reduce alert storms during infra outages
  • Enhanced flexibility for teams to create their own deduplication logic using custom event rules to ensure legacy monitoring tools are able to utilize the intelligent alert grouping

Written by Nisum

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