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Nisum Cuts 30% of Continuous Integration (CI) Infrastructure Costs with Optimized CI Process

Oct 27, 2020 6:24:13 AM

Nisum implemented a cloud-native continuous integration platform to improve the release process.



The client has a faster build time, faster results, and a cloud-native CI platform, resulting in:

  • 40% decrease in overall job execution time 
  • Up to 30% decrease in  labor hours with a more streamlined process

Business Challenge:

A Fortune 500 retail client needed a CI process that could increase the speed of artifact delivery. Their current process was inefficient and unscalable to meet demands, leading to:

  • Unnecessary costs due to running virtual machines and dependent application servers during off-hours
  • Long execution times due to the application validation taking more time in the CI pipelines because of dependent applications that were not suitable for modern, containerized applications
  • Increased labor hours due to the complex CI and release process, leading to:
    • Timeouts followed by job failures 
    • Redundant coordination for release branching and management


Nisum implemented a modern, cloud-native, and efficient CI platform that improved the release process, resulting in:

  • Reduced costs by using cloud computing resources as needed, as well as the CI dedicated Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) cluster for Jenkins jobs for the CI pipelines and other platform activities
  • Decreased execution time by using containers for job execution and by working with the development teams to remove dependent applications and using mock servers. They also enabled auto-scaling and used Google Container Registry (GCR) to improve efficiency.
  • Decreased labor hours by streamlining functional test cases with proper mock servers and deployment automation

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Written by Nisum

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