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Nisum Anticipates a 30% Reduction in Operational Costs with Automated Process

Jun 12, 2020 1:26:00 PM

Nisum implemented an automated Concierge process to increase customer satisfaction, profitability, and ROI.


The automated Concierge program (a program that provides a specialized service to customers who make high-value purchases) reduces the order processing time and cost while increasing the high-value order range for customers to qualify for the Concierge service.

  • -$40K in labor costs for 2020
  • -20% in time spent per order
  • Increase in average order value
  • Increase in purchase frequency


Business Challenge:
A Fortune 500 client was dealing with a manual and labor-intensive Concierge process that required multiple resources to manage the status and fulfillment life cycle of high-value orders, leading to:

  • Overly complex high-value orders:
    • Only had a 14% success rate in processing orders
    • Required manual processing most of the time
  • Multiple systems required to gather information on the status and fulfillment life cycle of orders
  • A delay in the fulfillment of high-value orders

Nisum automated the Concierge process to increase customer satisfaction, profitability, and ROI for high-value orders by building Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, which resulted in:

  • Reduced labor costs required to support the manual process
  • Reduced “Where Is My Order?” calls for high-value orders
  • Increased visibility to customer order life cycles, customer-agent assignments, and ability to set reminders for customer follow-ups
  • Automated flagging of Concierge orders
  • Faster follow-ups with customers
  • Future scalability to include expanded alerts framework, B2B orders, escalated orders, loyalty tiers, high-value customers, VIP customers, etc.

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Written by Nisum

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