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Nisum Accelerates Platform Modernization for Rapid Time to Market With Nisum Digital Engineering Services and Business Agility Methodology

Feb 23, 2022 1:58:27 PM

Nisum developed and deployed a next-generation solution by utilizing business agility and digital solutions.


Accelerated Delivery - reduced time to market by:

reduction in time-to-market

increase in revenue for fiscal year


Business Challenge

A clinical research company strategically improving its platform for clinical trials through digital modernization. Time to market was critical to remain competitive and a leader in their space including:

  • Digitizing the platform for rapid deployment, allowing the customer to roll out to their community faster

  • User interface improvement to reduce training, non-technical users to quickly take advantage of the platform, improved results of clinical trials

  • Global localization to increase sales opportunities in various geographies


Nisum digital leverages a business agility solution combined with experts in digital solutions to rapidly develop and deploy the next generation state of the art solution bringing a robust, easy to use global solution to market with the following realized benefits: 

  • Reduced time to market by leveraging Nisum’s robust Agile Business delivery model

  • Increased revenue by accelerating produce readiness and robustness 

  • Increased quality of platform by providing market-leading digital services with global expertise

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Founded in California in 2000, Nisum is a digital commerce company focused on strategic IT initiatives using integrated solutions that deliver real and measurable growth.

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