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The 8 Essential Steps of Agile Project Management

Jul 7, 2021 2:28:14 PM

The 8 Essential Steps of Agile Project Management

Agile is a methodology with an iterative approach to project management that focuses on delivering projects in smaller increments within a segmented timeline during the project lifecycle. These attributes allow delivery teams to be adaptable to changing business requirements. It also helps create a disciplined project management approach and promotes high-quality delivery to meet the customer’s expectations.


The following video features an overview of the eight essential steps of Agile project management and their corresponding activities.

The Eight Essential Steps of Project Management

  1. Understand the problem
  2. Create a product roadmap
  3. Develop an ideal team
  4. Plan sprint
  5. Hold daily scrum
  6. Review sprint
  7. Conduct sprint retrospective
  8. Plan the next sprint
02 Steps in Agile Project Management - Final 3


Agile Project Management Streamlines Project Delivery and Delivers Project Success

These essential steps will help streamline your approach towards project delivery and make it more efficient. It is an iterative process where teams collaborate and learn through continuous assessment and improvement while being more flexible and responsive to change.

Follow these eight essential steps of Agile project management as they will act as a guardrail to ensure successful project delivery. These not only help streamline the understanding of the overall project delivery but also provide metrics to measure the progress and success throughout its lifecycle. These steps keep both teams and stakeholders well informed so the project direction can be easily changed if needed to deliver the right value on time to the customer.

How Nisum Can Help

Nisum is an expert in Agile project management and helps organizations learn and adapt to Agile practices to improve their project delivery. We are an experienced partner who orchestrates measurable and holistic Agile transformation anchored in cultural change and enabled by technological excellence.

Large organizations have found that Nisum gives them a competitive edge through Lean and Agile coaching. They are using Nisum to build change management systems that address key organizational challenges related to team efficiency and product centricity.

We provide our own framework, the Nisum Enterprise Agile Framework (NEAF), to help our clients more effectively institute an Agile culture. Our NEAF approach provides a framework structure over a heavy and theory-driven playbook. It is sustainable and enables customers to be more independent in their transformation journey.

To identify the areas of your Agile processes that are not working and to receive feedback on your business’ maturity level, take our free Agile Maturity Assessment.

Maisam Agha

Maisam Agha

Maisam Agha is a certified Agile coach, SAFe 5.0 Agilist, and scrum master with over 10 years of helping companies and guiding teams to deliver projects on-time, within budget, and with the highest quality. Starting from the bid stage through to completion, he is on a mission to help organizations and teams understand the true value of Agile practices.

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