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Data Management Platforms Reduce Abandoned Shopping Carts

May 30, 2019 2:08:00 PM

Understanding Customer Behavior is Key to Keeping Them Engaged


Business Challenge

Nisum’s Client, a leader in their industry, and Fortune 500 company, was seeing a small but consistent decline in online sales, month after month. Additionally, they were seeing an increase in the number of abandoned shopping carts with no clear indication as to why. Without the infrastructure needed to obtain robust real-time analytics, the Client was left without an understanding of their customers’ online visiting and shopping behaviors. The missing analytics prevented the Client from slowing or reversing their declining sales, unassisted. That’s when Nisum was asked to step in and provide a time-sensitive solution on a limited budget.


After analyzing the Client’s website, Nisum recommended the creation of a data management platform to analyze and store their customers’ online shopping behaviors in real-time. A fully managed cloud-based offering with out-of-the-box cluster management was provided, securing a 99.9% SLA. It delivers scalability with ease of deployment while supplying enterprise-level security and maintainability. The solution also provides the Client with the ability to analyze and store current data, maintain and reference historical data, and run computations against the analyses.

Client Value

Nisum’s limited-budget and time-sensitive solution gave the Client more than enough storage to maintain and grow. The scalable platform collects and stores data from millions of user clicks in real-time and provides efficient tools for data analysis and presentation of the insights. These insights provide the Client with an immediate and thorough understanding of their customers’ online visiting and shopping behaviors, allowing them to make necessary adjustments quickly. The initial implementation led to a dramatic drop in abandoned shopping carts and a solid increase in total online sales. It has since allowed the Client to stay on top and ahead of online trends and shifts. Online sales continue to grow.

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