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Automation Framework Enables Rapid International Growth for Mega Apparel Retailer

Jul 5, 2019 1:55:00 PM

Nisum brings international fluency to a leading US brand; equals quicker and sustained profitability across the globe.


Business Challenge

One of our multi-brand, Fortune 500 clients sought to rapidly grow their international business by establishing country-specific eCommerce sites. They needed to have a highly adaptable framework that had the ability to be redesigned to quickly accommodate new and future international target markets. The eCommerce sites needed to identify and engage multiple local markets as well as be seamlessly attuned to local languages, customs, and fraud rules. In addition, they needed to set up international order fulfillment.

Our Solution

Nisum created a robust multi-tenant platform that supports the client’s numerous brands in each international eCommerce site. The platform is easily maintained, extended into new markets, and as a result, saves time and resources. The time saved on the new dynamic platform was reallocated into creating highly customized resource bundles that thoroughly researched each market’s local language, customs, culture, and personality. As a result, the resource bundles precisely localized each market’s customer experience, service, and engagement raising SEO. Also, with continuous testing, they got more customized over time. In addition, Nisum’s framework supports each region's pricing trends, tax laws, and fraud validations. Furthermore, the framework is able to support cross-border shipping, fulfillment, and payment in local distribution centers and third-party providers.

80% reduction in effort when launching locally-tailored eCommerce sites in global markets

Automation Framework Enables Rapid International Growth for Mega Apparel Retailer 2


"Nisum is a long-term, trusted partner who has grown with us."

-VP Technology, Fortune 500 Retailer


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