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Retail TouchPoints Features New Service Offering from Nisum, QuickOut

Oct 17, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Retail TouchPoints has published a Solutions Spotlight featuring Nisum’s new service offering, QuickOut. QuickOut uses a proprietary, Tailored Checkout Framework that enables mobile-first, single-page checkout for online retailers to reduce cart abandonment. If you are interested in this service offering or have any questions please reach out. Check out the full text below or visit the article here.


Nisum Releases QuickOut For One-Click Online Shopping

Nisum has unveiled its QuickOut service offering, which is designed to be a mobile-first, single-page checkout framework for online retailers.The global consulting firm analyzed retailer shopping carts, customer expectations, digital and market trends to design and develop the QuickOut platform. QuickOut uses Nisum’s proprietary Tailored Checkout Framework in coordination with other user interface (UI) frameworks. With a one-click checkout process, QuickOut is designed to:

  • Improve conversions;
  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment; and
  • Increase customer loyalty.

Retailers can switch between multi-page, single-page or any other type of layout with the click of a button to suit different users and different devices during the checkout process. With shoppers using a variety of connected devices to shop online, Nisum seeks to eliminate the “one-size-fits-all” approach to checkout processes. Nisum offers users a free assessment of their present checkout processes and provides high level recommendations on how to fix them. The assessment is conducted by experts in UI/UX and large-scale checkout implementations.


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