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Nisum Reduces Hardware Costs by 50% and Licensing Fees by 100% with NextGen POS

Sep 30, 2020 11:23:00 AM

Nisum implemented a new POS system that runs on mobile and has faster order processing times.

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The new POS runs on mobile devices, reduces line times at the new registers, and provides store employees with real-time data

  • 50% decrease in project timelines
  • 30+% faster order processing times


Business Challenge:

A Fortune 500 retail client had an outdated and uncooperative POS system that left them dependent on the representatives of the system for all feature additions and upgrades, leading to:

  • High licensing fees for feature additions 
  • Zero real-time inventory visibility
  • High register costs that did not allow for an omnichannel experience
  • Long project timelines to add features due to working on the representative’s timelines, taking 3-6 months to complete
  • Frustrated customers that abandoned the checkout lines and their items due to long lines


Nisum implemented the iOS Custom App based POS in Swift using Java, Spring Boot, and Spring Batch to build the back-end, resulting in:

  • Eliminated licensing fees by switching to the iOS POS
  • Reduced hardware overhead costs since the new system only require a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop and printer to conduct a sale
  • Decreased project timelines by giving the client the independence to add and upgrade features, while also giving them the capability to scale up
  • Faster order processing times, improving customer experience by decreasing wait times for lines, thus eliminating peak hour concerns

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Written by Nisum

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