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Nisum Partners with Teledoc to Combat the Impacts of COVID-19

Jul 2, 2020 1:20:00 PM

As part of Nisum’s effort to fight against the spread of COVID-19, Nisum provided pro bono services to Teledoc, a telemedicine service that provides general medical, mental health, and complex virtual care to patients. Since the pandemic hit, the US-based company’s Chilean branch, Telesalud SPA, received a 500x increase in demand and their current technology platform was not able to support the demand. 


Teledoc CTO, David Miranda shared, “This pandemic has given us a major opportunity to give and receive help, which is essential during these times. Nisum understands the severity of this pandemic and they have assumed a socially responsible role to provide pro bono services which led them to demonstrate their most compassionate side. They leaned into actively fighting the pandemic to create a better world through technology.”

Nisum reaffirms our commitment to the community and organizations, as stated by Sebastian Martinez, Head of Blockchain Lab, “It's important for us to be in a position to support a company that is directly helping people affected by COVID-19, and at the same time support the launch of Teledoc's digital transformation. Nisum looks forward to providing support the best way we know how - by using technology as a means of aid, development, and transformation to optimize processes to improve functionality."


Nisum Builds a Scalable Billing System to Triple Invoice Throughput

Teledoc was processing invoices manually via email. Their current process could not support the 134% increase in monthly invoices that jumped from 300 to 500-700.

In 3 weeks, Nisum’s developers built Teledoc a comprehensive automated billing system that integrated modules for customer service, payment, issuance, and delivery of invoices. With the new automated billing system, the Telesalud SPA team has greatly reduced the time spent on invoicing and is able to keep up with demand. 

"With the new automated billing system Nisum developed, we will be able to keep up with the initial spike in demand and our projected 233% increase in monthly invoices without adding resources," said Claudia Arpón, Teledoc's General Manager.


Nisum Implements CRM to Enhance Customer Experience 

Telesalud’s current platform was not able to consolidate all customer interactions outside of the Teledoc platform resulting in an incomplete customer view.

Their platform had limited functionality for patient tracking and could not collect missing information from abandoned calls, and patients were supplementing their communication with doctors using outside platforms such as WhatsApp. They needed a new CRM that could integrate into their current healthcare system, patient monitoring, and billing system to provide more robust customer experience and optimize their services to the patients.

Nisum’s team implemented a CRM to optimize the registration of medical records and telephone assistance for patients. The system can measure the effectiveness of their levels of the customer service, types of medical attention they provide, carry out loyalty campaigns, among other initiatives.


If your organization is working to stop the spread of COVID-19 or helping those affected by the pandemic and may benefit from Nisum’s pro bono technology development services, please apply for assistance here: https://www.nisum.com/covid-19-pro-bono-offer.


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