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Nisum Joins Panel, "Localizing the Digital Experience: An Operations Perspective" with Leaders from Levi's, BCBG, and American Apparel at GELF

Oct 27, 2016 2:59:00 AM

Nisum is proud to announce that Senior Director, Sajid Mohamedy will join Zach Chang, leader for Levi’s international omnichannel, Alex Golshan (BCBGAmerican Apparel) on the operations panel, "Localizing the Digital Experience: An Operations Perspective" at the Global eCommerce Leaders Forum. Zach will dive into how Levi’s looks at omnichannel operations (stores, mobile, social) from a global perspective, Alex will elaborate on how organizational dynamics, localization of operations and back-end systems like order management systems are facilitating agile international expansion, and Sajid will share insights on the foundational structure of omnichannel. Jim Okamura, GELF co-founder, moderates.


Written by Nisum

Founded in California in 2000, Nisum is a digital commerce company focused on strategic IT initiatives using integrated solutions that deliver real and measurable growth.


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