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Nisum Increases Sales Penetration by 8+% With Optimized Loyalty Program

Dec 30, 2020 12:18:04 PM

Nisum partnered with the client to implement a new loyalty program that increased sales and order penetration.


The client sees immediate benefits from the new loyalty program in just one quarter, resulting in:

increase in order penetration

A more customizable experience for customers

Business Challenge

A Fortune 500 retail client needed to optimize their loyalty program strategies to gain and attract consumer attention. Lacking a loyalty program that could track, understand, reward, and grow consumer value and engagement led to:

  • A decrease in sales due to diminishing customer engagement, points management, and bonus points dimensions from using an outdated points-based loyalty calculation engine 

  • A decrease in business results due to the marketing team not having a loyalty program offering flexible programs to develop customer relationships


Nisum’s technical team implemented a loyalty program that consolidated the client’s existing programs by working with the product and marketing team at every stage of solution identification and execution, resulting in:

  • Increased sales and order penetration by developing a loyalty program that allowed customers to redeem their loyalty points easily on the site

  • A more customizable experience by implementing multiple tiers for customers to choose from

  • Increased business results by providing flexibility for the marketing team to adjust the loyalty program’s points earning and redemption depending on tier, season, and/or event

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