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Nisum Increases Quarterly Revenue by $5MM+ with eCommerce Product Ranking Relevance

Sep 30, 2020 12:44:00 PM

Nisum enhanced the client’s system to populate products by relevant categories on their eCommerce website.



The client can now manage ranking relevance for products on the website, leading to:

  • 25% increase in sales conversions
  • 10% increase in website traffic


Business Challenge:

A Fortune 500 multi-brand retailer was not able to show the products in their eCommerce website ranked by Best Sellers / Most Popular / Most Visited / Frequently Sold relevances, leading to:

  • Lower traffic to the website due to frustrated customers
  • Decreased sales conversions due to customers not being able to search products by relevance



Nisum enhanced the system to populate the products by the relevant categories on the eCommerce website by creating new architecture through an AI solution to solve the ranking relevance. They also established the data pipeline to send the data and query to the ranked dataset through API, resulting in: 

  • Increased website traffic and sales conversions by giving product managers the flexibility to run A/B testing so they can assess the increase in website traffic and sales conversions based on user experience by comparing two different experiences for visitors 
    • Based on A/B testing, brand managers can turn the ranking relevance feature ON / OFF depending on the increase or decrease of sales conversions for the revenue per visit
    • The client can utilize Adobe Analytics to track and measure the revenue per visitor/conversion and increase in traffic to assess the value of newly enabled UX features
  • Increased sales conversions due to better customer experience by giving brand managers the capability to view and update the ranking of the products to improve the product relevancy through the dashboard  

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Written by Nisum

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