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Nisum Helped Increase Deployment Performance by 70% via Micro Frontends and Microservices Framework

Nov 5, 2021 5:00:24 PM

Nisum implemented a microservices framework to develop micro applications on frontend containers to enhance deployment performance.


The airline client was able to increase ancillary sales, creating a pluggable architecture to create micro applications, leading to:

decrease in time to deploy new helpers

increase in customer satisfaction

Business Challenge

Latin America’s leading airline holding company was unable to support plug-in ancillary item components to increase offers and test new products, leading to:

  • A slow manual process to develop and update the components of the main page

  • Zero access to tools for developing microapps quickly

  • Difficulty in integrating with other sources of information and providers



Nisum implemented a framework to develop micro applications on frontend containers, resulting in:

  • Increased deployment performance by developing and improving tools for micro applications and code reuse

  • Increased data streaming process performance to enable data in real-time

  • Decreased time to deploy new helpers due to having an app container

  • An accelerated production upload process and improved infrastructure management due to implementing a DevOps strategy

  • Increased customer satisfaction by expanding the number of offers available to them

  • Increased capability for growth due to the scalable nature of our micro frontends framework

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