Introducing the Nisum Innovation Society

Mar 8, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Nisum strives to live on the cutting edge in the digital and consulting realms. From Agile practice and DevOps to application development, Nisum integrates forward-thinking technologies to accelerate growth and organizational efficiencies. We pride ourselves on understanding the situational effectiveness of our skills. The Nisum Innovation Society (NIS) has been established to expand beyond Nisum’s walls and amplify the knowledge of the entire tech community. The NIS will kick off with a meetup focused on demystifying design thinking and will schedule future events to promote networking and the exchange of insights. Sign up to join our Jan. 11th meetup here


Written by Nisum

Founded in California in 2000, Nisum is a digital commerce company focused on strategic IT initiatives using integrated solutions that deliver real and measurable growth.


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