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Nisum Reduces Maintenance Costs by 25% With New Cloud-native Microservices

Jan 25, 2022 9:05:25 AM

Nisum migrated the data center-based monolithic digital experience to a cloud-native microservices architecture.

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Multiple features were migrated to cloud-native microservices, reducing the dependencies between applications, leading to:

reduction in deployment times

reduction in manual efforts

Business Challenge

A Fortune 500 retail leader needed to move from a company-owned data center-based monolithic digital experience to a set of scalable microservices hosted on Azure to overcome the following challenges:

  • Increased maintenance costs due to a company-owned data center

  • Difficulties with adding new features due to the monolith architecture which makes it so if changes are required in one feature it will influence the entire process and other features because they are parts of one process

  • Difficulty in scaling to add new clients and marketplaces



Nisum experts modernized the platform and made it cloud-ready by providing new commerce APIs using a microservices architecture. This enabled the ability to support seamless integration with different clients and marketplaces, resulting in:

  • Reduced maintenance costs, deployment times, and manual efforts by:

    • Developing an enterprise commerce solution to support omnichannel. The service was designed to be able to integrate with 3rd party marketplace platforms, giving the client a centralized commerce service.  

    • Designing and building enhanced services that not only support current business needs but will also scale to support future needs and can support marketplace integration. 

    • Migrating the monolith application to modernized and cloud-native microservices by using Spring Boot, Azure, and Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) and migrating databases from relational DB to NoSQL and cloud-native Cosmos DB.

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