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16 min read

White Paper: Integrating Design Thinking Principles into Agile

Design Thinking is a practical and creative way to problem solve quickly. It does this by guiding teams through a...

12 min read

White Paper: Best Practices for Defining SKU IDs

In this white paper, we will help the reader to understand what a Stock Keeping Unit is, and why it is so important. We...

10 min read

White Paper: BI and Analytics Continuum for Enterprises

In this whitepaper, we will discuss why transitioning from BI to advanced analytics is important, and the Nisum...

8 min read

White Paper: Capitalizing on Agile by Scaling to Enterprise Level

Agile methodology has proven to be effective in the IT industry to such a level that more and more companies are asking...

11 min read

White Paper: Digital Analytics Software Selection


Throughout Nisum’s decades of experience in working across the spectrum of digital analytics tools, we...

18 min read

White Paper: How Developers Tackle Authentication in Their Applications

The University of Bío Bío in Santiago partnered with Nisum Chile to create a curriculum enrichment initiative for...
20 min read

White Paper: Agile Models for Global Teams

This white paper is designed to share our knowledge as a provider of distributed Agile software solutions and to help...

16 min read

White Paper: Tokenization: Credit Card Fraud Prevention, Beyond PCI Measures

This white paper will present various techniques to prevent a data security breach, particularly credit card data. We...

22 min read

White Paper: Frontend Optimization

The modern internet user doesn’t like to wait.  The average internet shopper only has the patience to wait for...

23 min read

White Paper: Successful Implementation of an Omnichannel Ecosystem

In this white paper, we present a comprehensive approach for successful omnichannel implementation and provide an...