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6 min read

5 Essential Books That Every Manager Should Live By

I began my career in the 1980s as a C and database programmer working for several different Wall Street firms. The...

1 min read

Nisum Helps Reduce Operational Costs by 50% with Order Management System (OMS) Modernization

Nisum improves the OMS by migrating the service to the cloud.


The client has new platform-agnostic,...

1 min read

Nisum Reduces Overall Validation Timelines by 30% with New User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Release Validation Workflow

Nisum improves release validation workflow to reduce the overall validation timeline.


UAT approvals and...

2 min read

Nisum Helps Increase Segment Sales by 20% with Optimized Forecasting

Nisum consolidated historical data for effective forecasting and helped determine the best market segments to forecast...

1 min read

Nisum Decreases Product Deployment Time by 66% with DevOps Methodology

Nisum implemented a DevOps pipeline that made the client’s processes more agile and increased product deployment time.

3 min read

12 Actionable Steps to Ensure Gender Equality in the Workplace

As an HR leader, I wanted to take a personal look back at the changes that have taken place in the workplace over the...

1 min read

Bridge the Gender Gap in Silicon Valley IT - Recruiting Event March 31st

Join WomenHack Silicon Valley's women-focused, virtual recruiting event and meet 1:1 with mid-senior level tech...

2 min read

Nisum Chile Leaders Featured in Revista Gerencia

New leadership at Nisum Chile will deepen their focus on true partnerships to deliver client value. Leon Sacks and ...

1 min read

Nisum Helps Increase Revenue by 20+% with Enhanced Data Visibility, Performance, and Reporting Tools

Nisum developed interactive dashboards with a real-time live connection that helped improve customer experience and...

5 min read

Q&A: Nisum's SVP Explains How COVID-19 Broadened Delivery Models

Business leaders of many Fortune 500 companies had to broaden their delivery models to adapt to the changes caused by...