Sharon Singam and Jashneel Narayan

Sharon Singam and Jashneel Narayan

Sharon Singam and Jashneel Narayan are members of Nisum’s Business Agility division. Both were raised in the heart of Silicon Valley which exposed them to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Making their way through bootstrapping startups to enterprise-level companies, they have gained invaluable exposure to growth at different levels. They are also enterprise Agile coaches who have helped many organizations transform their processes to foster productivity. In these unprecedented times, they have further developed their Agile mindsets and are constantly adapting to new challenges.

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12 Hacks to Optimize Efficiency While Working From Home

By Sharon Singam and Jashneel Narayan on Sep 30, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Working from home has been a challenge for many professionals this year. Many are adjusting to this new, virtually-connected reality for the first time, while others such as working parents have become newly minted homeschool teachers on top of adapting to the new work norm. The changes to everyday life needed to keep our families and communities safe can make it hard to maintain the norm, let alone improve productivity.

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